Monday, 12 September 2011

I Need To Get Back Into Blogging

 21,811 views later. It seems I have abandoned this blog. Why? School, work, and video games made me do it. I had big dreams for this, and hoped to change it from a blog to a way of sharing information, and while I still hope to do that, I have to focus on studying for my SAT's.

 I hope to make this into an interactive website, a way of sharing web feeds, videos,  or something related to creative information. I think I can do something with this domain, thinkfeed . info ; keep following as I will try to focus on this soon!

For those of you that are interested, here is the breakdown of the visitors for this blog so far:

Friday, 29 July 2011

My Silver Bullion Collection

Hey guys, just wanted to update you on my bullion collection up to date. I have a .9999 2011 maple leaf ounce (paid 42$), a 1 oz 2011 Chinese 10 yuan panda coin, and a 2006 1 oz silver eagle!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Apple's New HQ

 Apple is upto something sneaky these days, now they are building their own little city. Steve Jobs appeared before the city council of Cupertino to announce the construction of a new Apple “campus”.

On 150 acres of land, Jobs proposes to build a large, circular building which will hold 12,000 employees.

 Located at:
Dubbed the “City of Apple”, the new campus will span 148 acres (including 50 acres purchased in 2006), making it the future headquarters of the industry giant. The project will feature a strong focus on creating a sustainable environment, and much of the development’s infrastructure will be built around renewable energy.

While no renderings have been revealed, it has been reported that Apple’s new headquarters will include a network of tunnels that joins the buildings together while maintaining green surface areas. It has also been reported that new city will be modeled after Foster + Partners’ carbon-neutral Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, which is currently under construction.
I can't wait to see the result. All I think is it would be a great place to work.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

2011 Vancouver Canucks Riot

Hey guys, I was just at the first riot in my life! Check out some of this footage of the 2011 Vancouver Canucks riot, us 'nucks being mad about loosing the Stanley Cup against the Bruins!

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Buying A Kawasaki Ninja

Hey guys, little update about my personal life here. I'm debating on getting a 250 or 400cc Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle! I've saved enough money, and am studying for my motorcycle license. I CAN'T FYCKING WAIT!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

Funny Google Maps Alien Coordinates

1. go to
2. type in these coordinates: 30.561265,-92.021019
3. switch to satellite view.
4. zoom into the point (green arrow).
 Here is what we saw:

 Obama hatred over here folks, Romney supporters.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Microsoft Buys Skype for 8.5 Billion

Just published a press release from Microsoft says that the Skype software support the Xbox platform and sensor Kinect me "" good communication between users of x box live.

Microsoft says it will invest and support the Skype software, which will be part of a new group company called Microsoft b "," Division of Skype. The Sony laptop has supported the PSP with Skype software in 2008

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in the statement:

"Together they will produce real future communications, so that people can stay in touch with family, friends, clients and colleagues anywhere in the world"
This makes me think how good Google's investment in Youtube was, only over 1 billion.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why Ron Paul?

My favorite part is when he says “inflation has been stable at 2% for many years.”
Well, I got news for you.  In the last 5 years….
Oil up 70%
Gold up 140%
Silver up 284%
Palladium up 192%
Copper up 114%
Platinum up 85%
Cattle up 26%
Lean Hogs up 40%
Corn up 244%
Oats up 99%
Rice up 75%
Soybeans up 131%
Wheat up 153%
Cocoa up 144%
Cotton up 263%
Orange Juice up 47%
Coffee up 123%
Lumber down 19% – I know, had to be fair, housing collapse reduced demand big time.
Sugar up 153%
Many of these had a wild up and down over the last 5 years peaking in mid 2008 and then crashing hard but some have cleared the record highs of 2008 i.e. Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa, Cattle, Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium.
And some more that are harder to measure
Health Insurance Up big – at least 100% maybe more
College Up huge – at least 50% maybe more
Property Tax Up huge – at least 50% maybe more
Good trading!

Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Collecting Romanov Old Pre-1920 Russian Gold Coins

 I recently bought a 5 ruble 1898 russian gold coin. I also have a 1899 10 ruble one. Ill add some pics later.

Serious collectors collect gold and silver coins from a multitude of countries and time periods. Some of the most popular coins in many investor portfolios are the pre-1920 Romanov Russian gold coins.

The ruling Romanov Dynasty which began in 1613 when Michael Romanov was named Tsar came to an end 304 years later when Nicholas II (shown right) abdicated under pressure to a provincial government as the Bolsheviks rose to power. Shy in his youth, Nicholas was never enamoured of his role as Grand Prince, once telling a foreign ambassador that he would have preferred to have been a sailor. Any pursuit of that interest was forever dashed when he (together with his wife and family of four daughters and young heir) was savagely murdered late one night by the Bolsheviks in 1917, little more than a year after stepping down from power.

These coins reflect a happier time when the Romanovs ruled over a vast territory and became one of the most powerful and wealthy dynasties the world has ever known. Nicholas, misguided by his mystical wife and the mad monk, Rasputin, was an autocrat who crushed all hope of democratic reform -- a circumstance which irrevocably alienated the Russian masses, contributed to his family's fate at the hands of the Bolsheviks, and led later to the even darker regimes of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.
The reverse of this 10 ruble coin features the device of the imperial coat of arms and seal of 'His Tsarist Majesty' -- a two-headed eagle (first introduced by Ivan the Terrible) with three crowns to representing Astrakhan, Kazan and Russia. Hanging over the eagle's breast is a shield on which a horseman is slaying a dragon.
Russian Imperial gold coins, available in years from 1897 to 1909, are considered to be a solid and safe investment. Whether gold coins were issued as rubles, multiples of rubles, or in older versions of gold called ducats, novodels or gold kopeks, the demand for Russian gold coin samples has always outweighed supply.
Pre-1912 era Russian gold coins are generally available in denominations of five rubles, 10 rubles, and 15 rubles. Some of the more favored pure Russian gold coins include but are not limited to:
Alexander III – Gold 10 Markkaa 1882
Nicholas II – Gold 20 Markkaa 1912
Nicholas II – five rubles 1897
Nicolas II – five rubles 1898
Nicolas II – five rubles, 1900
Measuring anywhere 18 mm with a .1244 gold content, the five rubles minted between 1895 to 1911 are not so easy to find any longer. Gold 150 denomination rubles measuring in at 29.5 mm, with a .5000 gold content, Russian coins are a solid investment of minimal expenditures for most collectors and investors.
Though more simplistic in design than many gold coins, Russian gold coins favoring busts of Nicholas II are favorites in a multitude of denominations.
Imperial Russian gold coins are a must-have for most collectors and investors interested in the history and legacy left by gold coin minting throughout the world. Owning pre-1920 old Russian gold coins are a great addition to any collection that will be treasured for years to come.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Unlimited Megavideo Proxy at

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to get your site on Google in 15 minutes!

Get Indexed Fast on google!

First Go To the following website and Register yourself.

 2. (dofollow blogs only)

It will take 1-2 days to complete Registration process the above websites. After Complete the process Go and write a new blog post.

After you post a new Submit following website.
1. Submit your URL to
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5. Put Comments in
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Thats it. It will take 5-10 min for Submit your blog to above websites. Now Go to,  type site: . You can see your blog indexed.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Is it too late to Invest Your Money In Silver Stocks , Bonds, Bars, and Bullion? Why investing in silver makes sense.

It is no secret that the silver market is on the rise.

As I write, silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs sold out in their respective mints. Buy India has gone through the roof, especially notable in a town with strong historical preference for gold. Demand in China continues unabated. Silver stocks have shouted up.

So, as an investor seeks to maximize my profits, I have a natural question: Is the trade of silver becoming too crowded, which means that we are near the top? The masses have finally joined the party so that we should consider quitting? After all, not a profit until they take, and you definitely want to sell at the top.

There are several ways to measure how crowded the market for silver could be. I prefer to look strictly at the big picture and not get caught in the bush. This means that I'm looking for signs of depletion of the mass market or running pulgadasNada says "peak" rather than an investment in everyone is buying.

So how is full of silver investment now? Let us look first to the ETFs.

At $35 silver, all exchange-traded funds backed by the metal amount to $20.7 billion. You can see how this compares to some popular stocks.

All silver ETFs combined are less than a quarter of the market cap of McDonald’s. They’re about 10% of GE, a company that still hasn’t recovered from the ’08 meltdown. ExxonMobil is more than 20 times bigger. And this isn’t even apples-to-apples, as I’m comparing the entire silver ETF market to a few individual stocks.

This is even more interesting when you consider it’s the ETFs where most of the public – especially those who are new to the market – first invest in silver. So while the metal has doubled in the past seven months, total investment in the funds is still far beneath many popular blue-chip stocks.

Okay, maybe all this money is instead going into silver mining stocks. How does the market cap of the silver industry compare to other industries?

While you bring your magnifying glass, I will say that the market capitalization of the silver industry is $ 73.1 billion. That barely registers when compared to a range of other industries took on everything to chance.

The newspaper industry is dying more than 26 times larger. Drug manufacturers are 213 times larger. Heck, even the gold market is 19 times larger. And here's the fun one: The market capitalization of the silver industry, complete with all-record prices and stock screaming highs, represents only one third of one percent of the oil and gas.

To be fair, there are a number of sectors that are smaller than silver. radio stations (43.2 billion), video stores (10.9 million), and sporting goods stores ($ 2.5 billion) slice of the market have limits, too. But again, that is the purchase of DVD or baseball gloves to protect their wealth from inflation to come?

Silver just looks like the image of an investment that is too crowded.

I'm not saying you have to rush to buy silver at this time. After all, it has doubled in seven months. Unless this is the beginning of mania, prudence would certainly be discussed at this juncture. The price will always ebb and flow in a bull market, and a flow of delay.

The question, of course, price level is what happens. What if a correction does not occur until, say, a month from now, and the price falls back to ... where is he now? I remember some articles in January that insisted silver fall as low as $ 22, and, well, still waiting and meanwhile have stopped going to big profits. For silver to fall to $ 22 now requires a 40% reduction, if not impossible, but I hold my breath.

Focus attention on market timing has its attention on the ultimate goal. In my opinion, instead of worrying about what will happen next week or next month, focus on how many ounces you have, then buy at regular intervals until you reach your desired allocation. This has the added advantage of softening its cost base. And do not forget to buy more of their assets and increase revenue.

This is a market you want to be well ahead of the pack. Someday in the not too distant future, average investors tripping over themselves to join in. This will make the market capitalization of silver investments are more like some of the others in the previous tables.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Investing in Gold and I Gotta Blog More

Hey guys, I've been busy working, I have to get back to the website game.
Just got my first paycheck :D

Anyways, I was recently thinking about how the price of our paper money slowly weakens, the price of gold and silver go up, and many people loose money as their paper becomes worthless and banks close down. You can profit off this pattern in a variety of different ways of investments. This page will cover how you can do it with gold and silver bullion, which have better liquidity than bars (which are quite effective as well to invest aswell).

 I hit up the local Craigslist, and saw many good opportunities for  flipping collectibles like gold, silver, and platinum bullion; coins; and bars.

Gold and Silver coins can be separated into these different types:

    * Standard bullion coins (e.g. American Gold eagle, Canadian Maple leaf) are sold for either more or less their base gold value.
    * Rare collectible (numismatic) coins can go for much more than their gold value depending on the market. While there is more potential profit here, you'll need to learn as much as possible about grading and evaluating rare coins. This is not recommended for beginners.

Usually, the standard weight for a gold coin is one troy ounce (31.1 grams, a little more weight than the standard ounce). There are coins that weigh alot less than that, but they are way harder to trade and make, so you might end up paying a bigger percentage premium to buy them, and dealers may charge a bigger markdown when you sell -- all of which will cut into the potential profits you can make, so that is not recommended.  Most newspapers report the price of gold and silver daily, and you can get almost instantaneous updates online. Watch the price of the dollar. This is easy to find as well. As mentioned earlier, there tends to be an inverse relationship between that and the value of gold, so watch out for that.

Try to shop around. There are many ways you can buy gold and silver coins. Your best bet is to compare prices on whichever coin you're thinking of buying.
To make maximum profit, you must always try to sell your coins at peak demand. Gold and Silver Coins are good investments. You want to sell your coins right before the value of gold starts going down, so that you walk away from the transaction with more money than you spent on the coins. Since timing the market does not always work, you should consider selling when gold price is at all time high, the demand is very high, the sentiment is generally bullish, and you are sitting at a sizable profit.

    * Buy from Craigslist. Beware of scams. Gold bars should have serial numbers, and ask for authentication papers to make pure legitimacy.

    * Buy from a government. Their coins usually come with a reliable guarantee of gold content, weight, and purity. The US government sells gold coins online.
    * Buy from private firms, preferably ones that have been selling gold for over 30 years, like the following:


Next, you must plan where you will store the coins. Any secure method of storage is going to cost you money. Consider a bank safe deposit box, a home safe or a safekeeping program offered by some gold dealers which you may choose.

Buy from an individual dealer or on an online auction site such as ebay. This is the riskiest route. Try and obtain a price guarantee (a specific value guarantee that the dealer places on your coin). On the flip-side, some dealers make shady guarantees in order to sucker buyers to purchase their coins.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Job! - At the Government!

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention here that I have just got a new job in real life! And guess what, I work for the Government! Because of the federal elections coming up, I got a little part time job at the polls! Cant really say much more, buts its easy shit!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Big Pharmaceutical Companies are Starting To Microchip Drugs

The age of microchips drug is upon us. Novartis AG, one of the largest drug companies in the world, has announced a plan to begin to incorporate drug microchips to create "smart pill" technology.

Microchip technology is being licensed from Proteus Biomedical Redwood City, California. Once activated by stomach acid, the detection microchip begins its environment and dissemination of data to a receiver worn by the patient. This receptor is also a transmitter that can send data over the Internet to a physician.

The idea behind this is the creation of "smart pills" that can feel what is happening in the body and deliver that information with the patient's physician. Novartis plans to begin microchipping organ transplant anti-rejection drugs and microchips potentially extend to other drugs in its product line. The same technology that could soon end up in the pads made by companies other drugs, too.

The best laid plans ...
Everything sounds good on the surface, but the NaturalNews readers no doubt have a lot of skeptical questions about this technology. For starters, Novartis, apparently, is not planning on conducting any clinical trials that could take into account security issues swallowing microchips. "Novartis does not expect to make large-scale clinical trials to test new products work," reports Reuters. "Instead, its purpose is to test for bioequivalence called to prove they are the same as the original."

But I have a question: What chemicals or heavy metals found in the same microchip? A microchip that transmits data obviously must have a source of energy, which means you have to have a very small capacitor or some sort. The materials used in capacitors and batteries, to my knowledge, are toxic to the human body and should never be eaten.

Microchips are not food, and swallow them seems risky to their health, especially if you are swallowing microchips several times a day.

Privacy Policy
Another major concern with microchips that transmit data is data privacy. If these microchips are transmitting the information, then obviously that information can be gathered by something close, including potentially unscrupulous individuals or organizations that could make nefarious use.

For example, suppose a local pharmacy installs a signal detector microchip in his front door in order to track the people who are transmitting the data of the drug. Theoretically could then decode the data and use it to determine what condition the client may be suffering and press generic competition as a replacement.

Government agents could lead to "pharmaceutical microchip scanners" that determine what pills you are taking at this time. This could be used to violate their privacy by sharing such data with other government agencies or could even be sold to third party marketing companies.

I doubt that the data being transmitted by the microchips in these pills is encrypted because encryption requires real processing power, and there is room for more than one source of the CPU or power within these tiny microchips. Most likely they are to transmit the raw data signal can be detected and decoded with ease.

Remember to take your medicine
But the really scary part about these drugs is a microchip that this technology be used to ensure that people are taking their medication. Pharmaceutical companies lose billions of dollars a year (in their minds) of patients did not remember to take your pills. Of course, half the reason I can not remember to take your pills is because the function of many pharmaceuticals, cognitive impairment, but that's another story.

So this pill smart microchip technology is likely to be used to track which patients have taken pills so they can be "soft points" to take more pills you may have forgotten. In the marketing business, this is called a "continuity program." It is a way to make repeat sales occur on a regular basis.

In this context, the microchip pads benefits pharmaceutical companies, not necessarily the patients. This is especially true when considering pharmaceutical products that are harmful to human health - (? Vioxx, anyone) and we all know that the pharmaceutical market is full of pills that were later proved to be extremely dangerous or even fatal.

Coming soon: drugs police scanners and scanners drug entrepreneur
Now, there may be an interesting side effect of all this: Employers who are interviewing potential job candidates might be able to buy (or make) of single drugs, devices which detect the presence of a signal from the microchip pharmaceutical distribution. (You could probably make one in his garage in electronic components purchased at Radio Shack.)

This can be very useful for employers who do not want to hire people who take medication. We invite you to an interview and silent data analysis of diffusion of drugs. A red light tells you that data broadcasting is drug and quietly tell him the interview is over and "we will contact you."

With employers now drowning in health insurance costs, this could provide a simple and easy for companies to avoid taking on any person who could create an economic burden on their health insurance plans (from their point of view .)Not necessarily agree with this use of technology, I'm saying this is a way that is likely to be used by employers to dismiss employees who are taking medications.

The police, too, could use a similar scanning device to determine if a driver at the scene of an accident may be drug impaired. Now this is an application that actually agrees. Today the roads are full of mentally handicapped drivers are doped on drugs. The problem is actually much worse than drunk drivers, by the way, and yet almost nothing is being done to combat this problem of "medicated drivers." (Most people do not even know the problem exists.)

If people who take drugs are broadcasting this fact through all microchips little swallow, then scanning for the presence of drugs is very simple. It's even easier to take a breathalyzer test, and requires no action by the test subject. The police simply press a button, wait two seconds and then you can determine if you are broadcasting data of the drug. At that time, you can be arrested on suspicion of "driving while medicated."

Another reason not to take drugs
Clearly there are a lot of unanswered questions and some potential risks involved in taking drugs microchip. For some people, privacy may be the most important of all, because who wants to convey the fact that they are taking medications in the first place?

Do not take any pharmaceuticals, obviously, and most of the NaturalNews readers avoid them, too. The fact that drugs will soon be a microchip is another good reason to find the most holistic approach to health care. Do not bet your life (and privacy) in tablet major pharmaceutical companies. Choose a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive on the basis of nutrients and organic, regular exercise and avoidance of all man-made (synthetic) chemicals, and most likely never need pharmaceuticals lifetime .

The age of the microchip microchips people and drugs is upon us. Taking into account what the TSA is doing now with the naked body scanners, you can only imagine what Big Brother is going to do with the data medications that may be broadcasting from inside your body.

In fact, the idea that there is a microchip inside your body, the dissemination of information might get you branded as a terrorist is possible by the TSA, which then proceed to finger the genitals and the palm of her breasts as part of their new "improved patterns down" in the dark art.

The best way to avoid this risk is to eat only vegetables and drink your super. Do not become checked, subject to traceability, a microchip in the medical industry wants to turn your body into a profit center chemical.

More information: # ixzz1Ix6Sd4uL

Monday, 4 April 2011

Government Admits Cannabis has Medicinal Benefits It Is Time To Legalize

The National Cancer Institute has recognized several possible medical benefits from marijuana use. This could lead to having marijuana reclassified from a Schedule 1 drug down to a Schedule III drug in which case the government could not crack down on medical marijuana shops.

THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE CHANGED THE PAGE on (March 28, 2011)-- REMOVED THE PART ABOUT "direct anti-tumor effects"!


Sunday, 27 March 2011

FaceBook Chat Emoticons

Hey guys, I wanted to share some cool facebook chat icons I found:

Monday, 21 March 2011

Article Rewriter Tools

 Tired of writing your own articles for your websites? Now, I would never use this tool for my main blogs, but for those of you lazy people out there, you might want to check out , which automatically replaces some words in your article, making it original!  Another interesting tool is which has a bit more functional features!

Looking for a professional article re-writer?

Friday, 18 March 2011

How to Increase Your Revenue Per Click on Adsense - Too easy!

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a tip on how to  maximize your Adsense Revenue and remove Spam Ads from your Adsense account!

It's quite simple! On the Old Adsense Interface, just go to Adsense Setup -> Competitive Ad Filter ; and then just Copy and Paste this list of low-paying advertisers there! The list is at:

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Free Image Uploading

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a useful and fast tool built by one of my friends!

Bored of your image host? Want to try something new? Head down to next time you want to try a new image host :D

Tuesday, 15 March 2011 - Free Web Proxy

Hey guys, I just wanted to announce the release of my newest proxy, which is currently running at! Please check it out and tell me if you have any issues, comments, or glitches, in the comments below!

That is all, thanks!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Exclusive: NASA Scientist Claims Evidence of Alien Life on Meteorite

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a very special article I found on Fox News, which claims to find alien life on a meteorite! This is a very interesting break-through! Pretty amazing, really :

 That’s the stunning conclusion one NASA scientist has come to, releasing his groundbreaking revelations in a new study in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology.
 Dr. Richard B. Hoover, an astrobiologist with NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, has traveled to remote areas in Antarctica, Siberia, and Alaska, amongst others, for over ten years now, collecting and studying meteorites. He gave early access to the out-of-this-world research, published late Friday evening in the March edition of the Journal of Cosmology. In it, Hoover describes the latest findings in his study of an extremely rare class of meteorites, called CI1 carbonaceous chondrites — only nine such meteorites are known to exist on Earth.
 Though it may be hard to swallow, Hoover is convinced that his findings reveal fossil evidence of bacterial life within such meteorites, the remains of living organisms from their parent bodies — comets, moons and other astral bodies. By extension, the findings suggest we are not alone in the universe, he said.
 “I interpret it as indicating that life is more broadly distributed than restricted strictly to the planet earth,” Hoover told “This field of study has just barely been touched — because quite frankly, a great many scientist would say that this is impossible.”

 In what he calls “a very simple process,” Dr. Hoover fractured the meteorite stones under a sterile environment before examining the freshly broken surface with the standard tools of the scientist: a scanning-electron microscope and a field emission electron-scanning microscope, which allowed him to search the stone’s surface for evidence of fossilized remains.
  He found the fossilized remains of micro-organisms not so different from ordinary ones found underfoot — here on earth, that is.
 “The exciting thing is that they are in many cases recognizable and can be associated very closely with the generic species here on earth,” Hoover told But not all of them. “There are some that are just very strange and don’t look like anything that I’ve been able to identify, and I’ve shown them to many other experts that have also come up stumped.”
 Other scientists tell the implications of this research are shocking, describing the findings variously as profound, very important and extraordinary. But Dr. David Marais, an astrobiologist with NASA’s AMES Research Center, says he’s very cautious about jumping onto the bandwagon.
These kinds of claims have been made before, he noted — and found to be false.
“It’s an extraordinary claim, and thus I’ll need extraordinary evidence,” Marais said.
 Knowing that the study will be controversial, the journal invited members of the scientific community to analyze the results and to write critical commentaries ahead of time. Though none are online yet, those comments will be posted alongside the article, said Dr. Rudy Schild, a scientist with the Harvard-Smithsonian’s Center for Astrophysics and the editor-in-chief of the Journal of Cosmology.
“Given the controversial nature of his discovery, we have invited 100 experts and have issued a general invitation to over 5,000 scientists from the scientific community to review the paper and to offer their critical analysis,” Schild wrote in an editor’s note along with the article. “No other paper in the history of science has undergone such a thorough vetting, and never before in the history of science has the scientific community been given the opportunity to critically analyze an important research paper before it is published, he wrote.”
 Dr. Seth Shostak, senior astronomer at the SETI Institute, said there is a lot of hesitancy to believe such proclamations. If true, the implications would be far-reaching throughout the fields of science and astronomy, the suggestions and possibilities stunning.
 “Maybe life was seeded on earth — it developed on comets for example, and just landed here when these things were hitting the very early Earth,” Shostak speculated. “It would suggest, well, life didn’t really begin on the Earth, it began as the solar system was forming.”
Hesitancy to believe new claims is something common and necessary to the field of science, Hoover said.
 “A lot of times it takes a long time before scientists start changing their mind as to what is valid and what is not. I’m sure there will be many many scientists that will be very skeptical and that’s OK.”
 Until Hoover’s research can be independently verified, Marais said, the findings should be considered “a potential signature of life.” Scientists, he said, will now take the research to the next level of scrutiny, which includes an independent confirmation of the results by another lab, before the findings can be classified “a confirmed signature of life.”
 Hoover says he isn’t worried about the process and is open to any other explanations.
“If someone can explain how it is possible to have a biological remain that has no nitrogen, or nitrogen below the detect ability limits that I have, in a time period as short as 150 years, then I would be very interested in hearing that.”
“I’ve talked with many scientists about this and no one has been able to explain,” he said.

Saturday, 12 March 2011

My Experience With Adsense

 I was very exited when I learned that I could profit off my blog with Google Adsense, but today I received an email:

This message was sent from a notification-only email address that does not
accept incoming email. Please do not reply to this message.


After reviewing our records, we've determined that your AdSense account
poses a risk of generating invalid activity. Because we have a
responsibility to protect our AdWords advertisers from inflated costs due
to invalid activity, we've found it necessary to disable your AdSense
account. Your outstanding balance and Google's share of the revenue will
both be fully refunded back to the affected advertisers.

Please understand that we need to take such steps to maintain the
effectiveness of Google's advertising system, particularly the
advertiser-publisher relationship. We understand the inconvenience that
this may cause you, and we thank you in advance for your understanding and

If you have any questions or concerns about the actions we've taken, how
you can appeal this decision, or invalid activity in general, you can find
more information by visiting


The Google AdSense Team
I was very disappointed at this.  I have no clue what this 'invalid activity' might have been.
Oh well, time to try out adBride.

In case you're wondering, I'm not mad :)

Friday, 11 March 2011

The Tunnel People of Las Vegas

The tunnel people of Las Vegas: How 1,000 live in flooded labyrinth under Sin City's shimmering strip 

Hey guys, I came along a rather interesting article today:
Deep beneath Vegas’s glittering lights lies a sinister labyrinth inhabited by poisonous spiders and a man nicknamed The Troll who wields an iron bar.

But astonishingly, the 200 miles of flood tunnels are also home to 1,000 people who eke out a living in the strip’s dark underbelly...

Some of those people seem to have elaborate houses down there, but if they ever get a flash flood...

Read more:

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Don't Wanna Give Your E-mail Address to Every Site? YOU DON'T HAVE TO!

Hey guys, I recently discovered this nifty thing called Guerilla mail, which gives you a fast and easy temporary mailbox, which only lasts one hour! Now you dont have to deal with spam!

Check it out here :

Don't like guerillamail? Here are plenty of alternatives!:

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Best of Russian Rap

Hey guys, I know many of you may not be able to understand Russian, but recently I've fallen in love with Russian Rap music! I wanted to share some of my favorite songs with you, so maybe you could see my interest in it too!

Monday, 7 March 2011

This Short Film Will Make You Think Differently

The AMERICAN DREAM is a 30 minute animated film that shows you how you've been scammed by the most basic elements of our government system. All of us Americans strive for the American Dream, and this film shows you why your dream is getting farther and farther away. Do you know how your money is created? Or how banking works? Why did housing prices skyrocket and then plunge? Do you really know what the Federal Reserve System is and how it affects you every single day? THE AMERICAN DREAM takes an entertaining but hard hitting look at how the problems we have today are nothing new, and why leaders throughout our history have warned us and fought against the current type of financial system we have in America today. You will be challenged to investigate some very entrenched and powerful institutions in this nation, and hopefully encouraged to help get our nation back on track..

Sunday, 6 March 2011

How to Add Your WebSite / Blog to Google

Hey guys, here is just a small tip, which I have not known about since a while ago, but it is still useful.
The easiest way to add your site to Google, is through ! Mine got on Google in one day.

For search crawler keywords, add ' <meta content='think feed,, how to make a web proxy, feed, interesting, video games, weed, blog, tips, best free web hosts' name='keywords'/> ' to your website.

Another great way to add it to many major Engines, is
It requires you to add HTML links to your website like these:

Thursday, 3 March 2011

La caverna de Araita + Mac and I + Anonisanon CHECK THEIR BLOGS OUT!

I wish to thank Araita of for his kind donation towards the .info Domain fund! Please check out the blog!

 THANK YOU Alexander of
for sending me the last needed 70 cents! Domain name funding complete! Thank you Mac-and-me of
for donating 1$! Many thanks!

Donation Button...

Hey guys, I hate to ask, but I need a step-up, so I am looking for a $2 PayPal donation so I can buy a .info domain name from godaddy for a year. In return, if you own a blog or website, I will advertise it with an ad/text links, so Google can pick it up, which is a higher Google rank for you! Just fill what you want me to advertise on the details into PayPal if you donate ANYTHING (can even be less than a dollar), I just need to get 2$ in total for a year of hosting. Thanks!

P.S. I can pay you back ~4$ when my revenue check comes in at the end of the month.

Thanks for even considering :)

Monday, 28 February 2011

Guide to Creating Your Own Web Proxy + Monetize it

Hey guys, I just wanted to share the way I created my web proxy

It's quite simple really.

Why would I need a proxy of my own?
Public proxies are often clogged with thousands of users, reducing their speed and effectiveness. If you make your own proxy and you can have it all to yourself if you wish, or profit off it with Adsense.

What is the purpose of making your own web proxy?
That's up to you! Maybe your workplace or school has a content filter that blocks all the good websitesm or perhaps you just want some privacy when you’re browsing at work! Maybe the site you are trying to visit blocks IP ranges from your country, who knows! Or maybe you just want a website with easy to get traffic.

Is this proxy safe for doing….things….that require security and anonymity?
No, this web proxy setup is for simple circumvention of corporate filters so you can play games and look at things that are otherwise blocked. Because you are setting the web host up yourself, it is not secure for doing anything that is illegal in your country. So sorry.

You got me hooked... How long will this take?
Not very long, assuming you’re not an idiot and can follow simple directions.

Okay, let’s get started. The proxy we are going to make utilizes a PHP script, so we are going to need a free (or paid which is an option for people who want traffic on their website) web host that allows PHP. There are loads to choose from, but the one I usually recommend is They have a simple interface, easy to remember domains, and more than enough bandwidth for simple browsing. Click “sign up” and choose a free subdomain that will be easy for you to remember. This is the URL you are going to visit whenever you need to use your web-based proxy.

Plenty of bandwidth and all the features you should need for this.

Once you’re all signed up, go to your main control panel on 000WebHost’s site. Scroll down until you find the necessary information to access your account via FTP. It should look like this:

Take note of this information, and be sure you are prepared to upload some files to your site with an FTP program. You can use the one built into most Windows and Linux operating systems, but I recommend FileZilla. It’s free, easy, and one of the best.

Now that we have web hosting, we need a proxy script to upload to the host. Go to:

And download the latest version of Glype, a PHP proxy script. After unzipping the download, you will have an “extras” folder, an “upload” folder, and a few text files. At this point, there are a multitude of modifications you can make to your proxy before uploading to the host. If you know any PHP or HTML, you can edit the files within these folders for your own liking. There is a community out there dedicated to customizing the Glype proxy, so visit their forums for more information. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to make it easy and just not touch the files within.

Open the “INSTALL.txt” file in the folder you just unzipped. The reason Glype is so popular is because the install instruction(s) are simple: “Upload the contents of the /upload/ folder to your server.” That’s it! Use the FTP information you took note of earlier and transfer the folder to the root of your host. If you prefer, you can upload the admin.php script from the “extras” folder to the root of your proxy’s web host folder. This is optional and allows for more customization such as blocking people out.

Ready to use your proxy? Hopefully you remember the subdomain you selected earlier. If you have uploaded all the files correctly, entering that URL into your browser should bring you to a site that looks something like this:

Glype's probably the best proxy script to use, IMO and it's definitely the simplest to install.

That site has a load of glype themes because the normal Glype UI is boring and bland. It's also got the words Glype Proxy in it. This means any programme like Impero will detect the text and block the website, because it's a proxy and could potentially be used to circumvent their filtering. Here you can find Adsense templates to use for monitization!

Also a lot of web hosts only support PHP 4 and not PHP 5.

1And1 is one of those web hosts and their guide is basic and easy to follow. Just open up the HTAccess file in Notepad and edit it as the guide says.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Megavideo Proxy Website Up!

Check out my megavideo bypass proxy website at ! It's just a small project of mine! 
a mirror of it is

'Walmart of Weed' set to open in California

A 10,000-square-foot Sacramento gardening emporium that opens Saturday with how-to experts and merchandise to help medical marijuana patients grow pot. 

The cavernous weGrow hydroponics store marketing itself as a retail outlet is the first national franchise for a company that bills itself as a supply and training destination for legal pot growers. In coming months, weGrow plans to open stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon.

The Sacramento Bee reports the enterprise started in Oakland last year as a warehouse store called iGrow.
Weed isn't sold or grown at the store. In the past, hydroponics outlets have avoided any mention of marijuana because pot cultivation is illegal under federal law. But hydroponics stores have exploded as states approve medical marijuana use.


Friday, 25 February 2011

100 Followers + 1000 Page Views - Thank You!

Thank you everybody for 100+ Subs and 1000+ Page views! I have started this blog 5 days ago, and am impressed at this overwhelming response! Thanks guys :)

New Domain -

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a free domain-name website, on you can get a free .tk domain in seconds... Take advantage of it folks.

So yeah, from now on will be the domain of my blog! It's way easier to remember than

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Best Free Webhosts

 Even though most of us use blogger, I have been using free web hosts for my websites for a long time. There are many to choose from but my personal favorites are:

000webhost ($0.00 webhost), is an industry leader in providing top class free web hosting services without advertising! There are no hidden costs, no adverts, and no restrictive terms. Lighting fast speeds, maximum reliability and fanatical user support are just a few of the features you'll receive with our service.
We are probably the only free web hosting company that has proof for "99% uptime guarantee". Check our uptime stats. We managed to reach even 99.9% uptime for most of the servers. Can your current hosting provider show you any proof for that "99.9% uptime" they guarantee?

Specifications: Disk Space: 1500mb; Bandwidth: 100 GB / month

Specification: Disk Space: 6gb; Bandwidth 50 gb

Jumpline - 12 Months Free Trial
  • Certified Parallels Engineers
  • 100% In-house Support
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Avg. ticket resolution under 2 hrs.
  • Toll-free Customer Service, 9am to 9pm (M-F)
  • World Class Data Center

Specification: Disk Space: 10gb; Bandwidth 100 gb

Disagree? Post your personal opinions!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Tupac Remix's

 Hey guys, just wanted to share my favorite Tupac Remix's, which are modified versions of Tupacs songs. Listen to this, you will not regret it if you enjoy Hip Hop music. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Personal Top 5 Free Online FPS Games

Hey guys, today I decided to bring you my favorite free First Person Shooter games on the internet... I have played all of these games at one time or another, and this is my personal choice, whether or not you agree with it. I overall judged them by graphics, % of games without hackers, maps/weapon variety, and just personal preference.

1. Combat Arms -best online FPS game IMO, well updated, "fewest" hackers,great guns, expensive to have the best guns in the game.
Get into intense firefights online for free with COMBAT ARMS! Customize your character and weapons, and drop into the action! Combat Arms is one of the better free to play shooter games currently available. The only major flaw with the game is the fact that everything you purchase has an expiration date, and weapons have to be constantly re-purchased. Combat Arms is actually one of the first mega popular MMOFPS games in the U.S., as it launched in North America back in mid 2008. Even though the game is several years old now, the Nexon constantly keeps the game updated with new maps, modes and weapons.




A number of soldiers who once belonged to the world-leading Special Forces joined 'Global Risk', the international mercenary forces corporation.

The mercenaries carried out difficult missions for the organization, but they have distinctive differences from 'Black List' who commit terror only for profit. Despite an appreciable sum of money, the mercenaries have never participated in any battle without justifiable reasons and they live up to their conviction to fight against terrorists. Based on their practical battle experiences and skills, Global Risk seeks to expand its power.

Main clients of Global Risk are third world countries without their own national militaries, countries on the black list of terrorists, and the UN X-File Bureau implementing secret missions.



3. Soldier Front / AVA (ijji Site)

 Soldier Front is one of the first few tactical MMO shooters and is published by IJJI. The game’s success helped accelerate the growth of tactical shooting games that almost every MMO publisher now has. Unfortunately, since Soldier Front is one of the oldest shooters, its not nearly as polished as newer games like Nexon’s Combat Arms or Netgame’s Operation 7. Fortunately the game isn’t all bad, it does have a good selection of weapons and equipment in the item store and a large selection of playable maps. Soldier Front also doesn’t demand a high end graphics card or CPU, so the game should be able to run smoothly on lower end machines.



4. Sudden Attack - large Korean Community Base

 Sudden Attack is a tactical shooter MMOFPS that closely resembles the classic FPS Counter-Strike. The game was originally released in South Korea in 2004, and only recently made its way to North America.  Even though the game is a bit aged, Sudden Attack still fares well against newer MMOFPS’s. It’s also fair to say that Sudden Attack is incredibly original, as it basically pioneered the free-to-play MMOFPS genre.


5. F.E.A.R.– 1800 MB-Great Graphics

F.E.A.R. (‘fear’ for the friends) is an acronym meaning First Encounter Assault Recon; ‘Fear’ fits the game, though. Most people know or have played the game (perhaps even one of the expansions), but not a lot of people know that the included multiplayer mode has been released on the internet by its makers, giving you the opportunity to download it for free! In the game you can play as a member of the Special Forces or as one of the cloned soldiers.


Got 10$?

Steam rocks :D
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