Monday, 28 February 2011

Guide to Creating Your Own Web Proxy + Monetize it

Hey guys, I just wanted to share the way I created my web proxy

It's quite simple really.

Why would I need a proxy of my own?
Public proxies are often clogged with thousands of users, reducing their speed and effectiveness. If you make your own proxy and you can have it all to yourself if you wish, or profit off it with Adsense.

What is the purpose of making your own web proxy?
That's up to you! Maybe your workplace or school has a content filter that blocks all the good websitesm or perhaps you just want some privacy when you’re browsing at work! Maybe the site you are trying to visit blocks IP ranges from your country, who knows! Or maybe you just want a website with easy to get traffic.

Is this proxy safe for doing….things….that require security and anonymity?
No, this web proxy setup is for simple circumvention of corporate filters so you can play games and look at things that are otherwise blocked. Because you are setting the web host up yourself, it is not secure for doing anything that is illegal in your country. So sorry.

You got me hooked... How long will this take?
Not very long, assuming you’re not an idiot and can follow simple directions.

Okay, let’s get started. The proxy we are going to make utilizes a PHP script, so we are going to need a free (or paid which is an option for people who want traffic on their website) web host that allows PHP. There are loads to choose from, but the one I usually recommend is They have a simple interface, easy to remember domains, and more than enough bandwidth for simple browsing. Click “sign up” and choose a free subdomain that will be easy for you to remember. This is the URL you are going to visit whenever you need to use your web-based proxy.

Plenty of bandwidth and all the features you should need for this.

Once you’re all signed up, go to your main control panel on 000WebHost’s site. Scroll down until you find the necessary information to access your account via FTP. It should look like this:

Take note of this information, and be sure you are prepared to upload some files to your site with an FTP program. You can use the one built into most Windows and Linux operating systems, but I recommend FileZilla. It’s free, easy, and one of the best.

Now that we have web hosting, we need a proxy script to upload to the host. Go to:

And download the latest version of Glype, a PHP proxy script. After unzipping the download, you will have an “extras” folder, an “upload” folder, and a few text files. At this point, there are a multitude of modifications you can make to your proxy before uploading to the host. If you know any PHP or HTML, you can edit the files within these folders for your own liking. There is a community out there dedicated to customizing the Glype proxy, so visit their forums for more information. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to make it easy and just not touch the files within.

Open the “INSTALL.txt” file in the folder you just unzipped. The reason Glype is so popular is because the install instruction(s) are simple: “Upload the contents of the /upload/ folder to your server.” That’s it! Use the FTP information you took note of earlier and transfer the folder to the root of your host. If you prefer, you can upload the admin.php script from the “extras” folder to the root of your proxy’s web host folder. This is optional and allows for more customization such as blocking people out.

Ready to use your proxy? Hopefully you remember the subdomain you selected earlier. If you have uploaded all the files correctly, entering that URL into your browser should bring you to a site that looks something like this:

Glype's probably the best proxy script to use, IMO and it's definitely the simplest to install.

That site has a load of glype themes because the normal Glype UI is boring and bland. It's also got the words Glype Proxy in it. This means any programme like Impero will detect the text and block the website, because it's a proxy and could potentially be used to circumvent their filtering. Here you can find Adsense templates to use for monitization!

Also a lot of web hosts only support PHP 4 and not PHP 5.

1And1 is one of those web hosts and their guide is basic and easy to follow. Just open up the HTAccess file in Notepad and edit it as the guide says.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Megavideo Proxy Website Up!

Check out my megavideo bypass proxy website at ! It's just a small project of mine! 
a mirror of it is

'Walmart of Weed' set to open in California

A 10,000-square-foot Sacramento gardening emporium that opens Saturday with how-to experts and merchandise to help medical marijuana patients grow pot. 

The cavernous weGrow hydroponics store marketing itself as a retail outlet is the first national franchise for a company that bills itself as a supply and training destination for legal pot growers. In coming months, weGrow plans to open stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon.

The Sacramento Bee reports the enterprise started in Oakland last year as a warehouse store called iGrow.
Weed isn't sold or grown at the store. In the past, hydroponics outlets have avoided any mention of marijuana because pot cultivation is illegal under federal law. But hydroponics stores have exploded as states approve medical marijuana use.


Friday, 25 February 2011

100 Followers + 1000 Page Views - Thank You!

Thank you everybody for 100+ Subs and 1000+ Page views! I have started this blog 5 days ago, and am impressed at this overwhelming response! Thanks guys :)

New Domain -

Hey guys, I just wanted to share a free domain-name website, on you can get a free .tk domain in seconds... Take advantage of it folks.

So yeah, from now on will be the domain of my blog! It's way easier to remember than

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Best Free Webhosts

 Even though most of us use blogger, I have been using free web hosts for my websites for a long time. There are many to choose from but my personal favorites are:

000webhost ($0.00 webhost), is an industry leader in providing top class free web hosting services without advertising! There are no hidden costs, no adverts, and no restrictive terms. Lighting fast speeds, maximum reliability and fanatical user support are just a few of the features you'll receive with our service.
We are probably the only free web hosting company that has proof for "99% uptime guarantee". Check our uptime stats. We managed to reach even 99.9% uptime for most of the servers. Can your current hosting provider show you any proof for that "99.9% uptime" they guarantee?

Specifications: Disk Space: 1500mb; Bandwidth: 100 GB / month

Specification: Disk Space: 6gb; Bandwidth 50 gb

Jumpline - 12 Months Free Trial
  • Certified Parallels Engineers
  • 100% In-house Support
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support
  • Avg. ticket resolution under 2 hrs.
  • Toll-free Customer Service, 9am to 9pm (M-F)
  • World Class Data Center

Specification: Disk Space: 10gb; Bandwidth 100 gb

Disagree? Post your personal opinions!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Best Tupac Remix's

 Hey guys, just wanted to share my favorite Tupac Remix's, which are modified versions of Tupacs songs. Listen to this, you will not regret it if you enjoy Hip Hop music. You won't regret it!

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

My Personal Top 5 Free Online FPS Games

Hey guys, today I decided to bring you my favorite free First Person Shooter games on the internet... I have played all of these games at one time or another, and this is my personal choice, whether or not you agree with it. I overall judged them by graphics, % of games without hackers, maps/weapon variety, and just personal preference.

1. Combat Arms -best online FPS game IMO, well updated, "fewest" hackers,great guns, expensive to have the best guns in the game.
Get into intense firefights online for free with COMBAT ARMS! Customize your character and weapons, and drop into the action! Combat Arms is one of the better free to play shooter games currently available. The only major flaw with the game is the fact that everything you purchase has an expiration date, and weapons have to be constantly re-purchased. Combat Arms is actually one of the first mega popular MMOFPS games in the U.S., as it launched in North America back in mid 2008. Even though the game is several years old now, the Nexon constantly keeps the game updated with new maps, modes and weapons.




A number of soldiers who once belonged to the world-leading Special Forces joined 'Global Risk', the international mercenary forces corporation.

The mercenaries carried out difficult missions for the organization, but they have distinctive differences from 'Black List' who commit terror only for profit. Despite an appreciable sum of money, the mercenaries have never participated in any battle without justifiable reasons and they live up to their conviction to fight against terrorists. Based on their practical battle experiences and skills, Global Risk seeks to expand its power.

Main clients of Global Risk are third world countries without their own national militaries, countries on the black list of terrorists, and the UN X-File Bureau implementing secret missions.



3. Soldier Front / AVA (ijji Site)

 Soldier Front is one of the first few tactical MMO shooters and is published by IJJI. The game’s success helped accelerate the growth of tactical shooting games that almost every MMO publisher now has. Unfortunately, since Soldier Front is one of the oldest shooters, its not nearly as polished as newer games like Nexon’s Combat Arms or Netgame’s Operation 7. Fortunately the game isn’t all bad, it does have a good selection of weapons and equipment in the item store and a large selection of playable maps. Soldier Front also doesn’t demand a high end graphics card or CPU, so the game should be able to run smoothly on lower end machines.



4. Sudden Attack - large Korean Community Base

 Sudden Attack is a tactical shooter MMOFPS that closely resembles the classic FPS Counter-Strike. The game was originally released in South Korea in 2004, and only recently made its way to North America.  Even though the game is a bit aged, Sudden Attack still fares well against newer MMOFPS’s. It’s also fair to say that Sudden Attack is incredibly original, as it basically pioneered the free-to-play MMOFPS genre.


5. F.E.A.R.– 1800 MB-Great Graphics

F.E.A.R. (‘fear’ for the friends) is an acronym meaning First Encounter Assault Recon; ‘Fear’ fits the game, though. Most people know or have played the game (perhaps even one of the expansions), but not a lot of people know that the included multiplayer mode has been released on the internet by its makers, giving you the opportunity to download it for free! In the game you can play as a member of the Special Forces or as one of the cloned soldiers.


Got 10$?

Steam rocks :D

Monday, 21 February 2011

Marijuana: To Pass the Time

Some pics of what I do to pass the time:

3D :]

Day 1

Hello, and welcome to Northern Wall, which will be an archive of all the interesting information I gather through and decide is noteworthy.

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