Thursday, 28 April 2011

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Saturday, 23 April 2011

How to get your site on Google in 15 minutes!

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Friday, 22 April 2011

Is it too late to Invest Your Money In Silver Stocks , Bonds, Bars, and Bullion? Why investing in silver makes sense.

It is no secret that the silver market is on the rise.

As I write, silver American Eagles and Canadian Maple Leafs sold out in their respective mints. Buy India has gone through the roof, especially notable in a town with strong historical preference for gold. Demand in China continues unabated. Silver stocks have shouted up.

So, as an investor seeks to maximize my profits, I have a natural question: Is the trade of silver becoming too crowded, which means that we are near the top? The masses have finally joined the party so that we should consider quitting? After all, not a profit until they take, and you definitely want to sell at the top.

There are several ways to measure how crowded the market for silver could be. I prefer to look strictly at the big picture and not get caught in the bush. This means that I'm looking for signs of depletion of the mass market or running pulgadasNada says "peak" rather than an investment in everyone is buying.

So how is full of silver investment now? Let us look first to the ETFs.

At $35 silver, all exchange-traded funds backed by the metal amount to $20.7 billion. You can see how this compares to some popular stocks.

All silver ETFs combined are less than a quarter of the market cap of McDonald’s. They’re about 10% of GE, a company that still hasn’t recovered from the ’08 meltdown. ExxonMobil is more than 20 times bigger. And this isn’t even apples-to-apples, as I’m comparing the entire silver ETF market to a few individual stocks.

This is even more interesting when you consider it’s the ETFs where most of the public – especially those who are new to the market – first invest in silver. So while the metal has doubled in the past seven months, total investment in the funds is still far beneath many popular blue-chip stocks.

Okay, maybe all this money is instead going into silver mining stocks. How does the market cap of the silver industry compare to other industries?

While you bring your magnifying glass, I will say that the market capitalization of the silver industry is $ 73.1 billion. That barely registers when compared to a range of other industries took on everything to chance.

The newspaper industry is dying more than 26 times larger. Drug manufacturers are 213 times larger. Heck, even the gold market is 19 times larger. And here's the fun one: The market capitalization of the silver industry, complete with all-record prices and stock screaming highs, represents only one third of one percent of the oil and gas.

To be fair, there are a number of sectors that are smaller than silver. radio stations (43.2 billion), video stores (10.9 million), and sporting goods stores ($ 2.5 billion) slice of the market have limits, too. But again, that is the purchase of DVD or baseball gloves to protect their wealth from inflation to come?

Silver just looks like the image of an investment that is too crowded.

I'm not saying you have to rush to buy silver at this time. After all, it has doubled in seven months. Unless this is the beginning of mania, prudence would certainly be discussed at this juncture. The price will always ebb and flow in a bull market, and a flow of delay.

The question, of course, price level is what happens. What if a correction does not occur until, say, a month from now, and the price falls back to ... where is he now? I remember some articles in January that insisted silver fall as low as $ 22, and, well, still waiting and meanwhile have stopped going to big profits. For silver to fall to $ 22 now requires a 40% reduction, if not impossible, but I hold my breath.

Focus attention on market timing has its attention on the ultimate goal. In my opinion, instead of worrying about what will happen next week or next month, focus on how many ounces you have, then buy at regular intervals until you reach your desired allocation. This has the added advantage of softening its cost base. And do not forget to buy more of their assets and increase revenue.

This is a market you want to be well ahead of the pack. Someday in the not too distant future, average investors tripping over themselves to join in. This will make the market capitalization of silver investments are more like some of the others in the previous tables.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Investing in Gold and I Gotta Blog More

Hey guys, I've been busy working, I have to get back to the website game.
Just got my first paycheck :D

Anyways, I was recently thinking about how the price of our paper money slowly weakens, the price of gold and silver go up, and many people loose money as their paper becomes worthless and banks close down. You can profit off this pattern in a variety of different ways of investments. This page will cover how you can do it with gold and silver bullion, which have better liquidity than bars (which are quite effective as well to invest aswell).

 I hit up the local Craigslist, and saw many good opportunities for  flipping collectibles like gold, silver, and platinum bullion; coins; and bars.

Gold and Silver coins can be separated into these different types:

    * Standard bullion coins (e.g. American Gold eagle, Canadian Maple leaf) are sold for either more or less their base gold value.
    * Rare collectible (numismatic) coins can go for much more than their gold value depending on the market. While there is more potential profit here, you'll need to learn as much as possible about grading and evaluating rare coins. This is not recommended for beginners.

Usually, the standard weight for a gold coin is one troy ounce (31.1 grams, a little more weight than the standard ounce). There are coins that weigh alot less than that, but they are way harder to trade and make, so you might end up paying a bigger percentage premium to buy them, and dealers may charge a bigger markdown when you sell -- all of which will cut into the potential profits you can make, so that is not recommended.  Most newspapers report the price of gold and silver daily, and you can get almost instantaneous updates online. Watch the price of the dollar. This is easy to find as well. As mentioned earlier, there tends to be an inverse relationship between that and the value of gold, so watch out for that.

Try to shop around. There are many ways you can buy gold and silver coins. Your best bet is to compare prices on whichever coin you're thinking of buying.
To make maximum profit, you must always try to sell your coins at peak demand. Gold and Silver Coins are good investments. You want to sell your coins right before the value of gold starts going down, so that you walk away from the transaction with more money than you spent on the coins. Since timing the market does not always work, you should consider selling when gold price is at all time high, the demand is very high, the sentiment is generally bullish, and you are sitting at a sizable profit.

    * Buy from Craigslist. Beware of scams. Gold bars should have serial numbers, and ask for authentication papers to make pure legitimacy.

    * Buy from a government. Their coins usually come with a reliable guarantee of gold content, weight, and purity. The US government sells gold coins online.
    * Buy from private firms, preferably ones that have been selling gold for over 30 years, like the following:


Next, you must plan where you will store the coins. Any secure method of storage is going to cost you money. Consider a bank safe deposit box, a home safe or a safekeeping program offered by some gold dealers which you may choose.

Buy from an individual dealer or on an online auction site such as ebay. This is the riskiest route. Try and obtain a price guarantee (a specific value guarantee that the dealer places on your coin). On the flip-side, some dealers make shady guarantees in order to sucker buyers to purchase their coins.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

New Job! - At the Government!

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention here that I have just got a new job in real life! And guess what, I work for the Government! Because of the federal elections coming up, I got a little part time job at the polls! Cant really say much more, buts its easy shit!

Friday, 8 April 2011

Big Pharmaceutical Companies are Starting To Microchip Drugs

The age of microchips drug is upon us. Novartis AG, one of the largest drug companies in the world, has announced a plan to begin to incorporate drug microchips to create "smart pill" technology.

Microchip technology is being licensed from Proteus Biomedical Redwood City, California. Once activated by stomach acid, the detection microchip begins its environment and dissemination of data to a receiver worn by the patient. This receptor is also a transmitter that can send data over the Internet to a physician.

The idea behind this is the creation of "smart pills" that can feel what is happening in the body and deliver that information with the patient's physician. Novartis plans to begin microchipping organ transplant anti-rejection drugs and microchips potentially extend to other drugs in its product line. The same technology that could soon end up in the pads made by companies other drugs, too.

The best laid plans ...
Everything sounds good on the surface, but the NaturalNews readers no doubt have a lot of skeptical questions about this technology. For starters, Novartis, apparently, is not planning on conducting any clinical trials that could take into account security issues swallowing microchips. "Novartis does not expect to make large-scale clinical trials to test new products work," reports Reuters. "Instead, its purpose is to test for bioequivalence called to prove they are the same as the original."

But I have a question: What chemicals or heavy metals found in the same microchip? A microchip that transmits data obviously must have a source of energy, which means you have to have a very small capacitor or some sort. The materials used in capacitors and batteries, to my knowledge, are toxic to the human body and should never be eaten.

Microchips are not food, and swallow them seems risky to their health, especially if you are swallowing microchips several times a day.

Privacy Policy
Another major concern with microchips that transmit data is data privacy. If these microchips are transmitting the information, then obviously that information can be gathered by something close, including potentially unscrupulous individuals or organizations that could make nefarious use.

For example, suppose a local pharmacy installs a signal detector microchip in his front door in order to track the people who are transmitting the data of the drug. Theoretically could then decode the data and use it to determine what condition the client may be suffering and press generic competition as a replacement.

Government agents could lead to "pharmaceutical microchip scanners" that determine what pills you are taking at this time. This could be used to violate their privacy by sharing such data with other government agencies or could even be sold to third party marketing companies.

I doubt that the data being transmitted by the microchips in these pills is encrypted because encryption requires real processing power, and there is room for more than one source of the CPU or power within these tiny microchips. Most likely they are to transmit the raw data signal can be detected and decoded with ease.

Remember to take your medicine
But the really scary part about these drugs is a microchip that this technology be used to ensure that people are taking their medication. Pharmaceutical companies lose billions of dollars a year (in their minds) of patients did not remember to take your pills. Of course, half the reason I can not remember to take your pills is because the function of many pharmaceuticals, cognitive impairment, but that's another story.

So this pill smart microchip technology is likely to be used to track which patients have taken pills so they can be "soft points" to take more pills you may have forgotten. In the marketing business, this is called a "continuity program." It is a way to make repeat sales occur on a regular basis.

In this context, the microchip pads benefits pharmaceutical companies, not necessarily the patients. This is especially true when considering pharmaceutical products that are harmful to human health - (? Vioxx, anyone) and we all know that the pharmaceutical market is full of pills that were later proved to be extremely dangerous or even fatal.

Coming soon: drugs police scanners and scanners drug entrepreneur
Now, there may be an interesting side effect of all this: Employers who are interviewing potential job candidates might be able to buy (or make) of single drugs, devices which detect the presence of a signal from the microchip pharmaceutical distribution. (You could probably make one in his garage in electronic components purchased at Radio Shack.)

This can be very useful for employers who do not want to hire people who take medication. We invite you to an interview and silent data analysis of diffusion of drugs. A red light tells you that data broadcasting is drug and quietly tell him the interview is over and "we will contact you."

With employers now drowning in health insurance costs, this could provide a simple and easy for companies to avoid taking on any person who could create an economic burden on their health insurance plans (from their point of view .)Not necessarily agree with this use of technology, I'm saying this is a way that is likely to be used by employers to dismiss employees who are taking medications.

The police, too, could use a similar scanning device to determine if a driver at the scene of an accident may be drug impaired. Now this is an application that actually agrees. Today the roads are full of mentally handicapped drivers are doped on drugs. The problem is actually much worse than drunk drivers, by the way, and yet almost nothing is being done to combat this problem of "medicated drivers." (Most people do not even know the problem exists.)

If people who take drugs are broadcasting this fact through all microchips little swallow, then scanning for the presence of drugs is very simple. It's even easier to take a breathalyzer test, and requires no action by the test subject. The police simply press a button, wait two seconds and then you can determine if you are broadcasting data of the drug. At that time, you can be arrested on suspicion of "driving while medicated."

Another reason not to take drugs
Clearly there are a lot of unanswered questions and some potential risks involved in taking drugs microchip. For some people, privacy may be the most important of all, because who wants to convey the fact that they are taking medications in the first place?

Do not take any pharmaceuticals, obviously, and most of the NaturalNews readers avoid them, too. The fact that drugs will soon be a microchip is another good reason to find the most holistic approach to health care. Do not bet your life (and privacy) in tablet major pharmaceutical companies. Choose a healthy lifestyle and comprehensive on the basis of nutrients and organic, regular exercise and avoidance of all man-made (synthetic) chemicals, and most likely never need pharmaceuticals lifetime .

The age of the microchip microchips people and drugs is upon us. Taking into account what the TSA is doing now with the naked body scanners, you can only imagine what Big Brother is going to do with the data medications that may be broadcasting from inside your body.

In fact, the idea that there is a microchip inside your body, the dissemination of information might get you branded as a terrorist is possible by the TSA, which then proceed to finger the genitals and the palm of her breasts as part of their new "improved patterns down" in the dark art.

The best way to avoid this risk is to eat only vegetables and drink your super. Do not become checked, subject to traceability, a microchip in the medical industry wants to turn your body into a profit center chemical.

More information: # ixzz1Ix6Sd4uL

Monday, 4 April 2011

Government Admits Cannabis has Medicinal Benefits It Is Time To Legalize

The National Cancer Institute has recognized several possible medical benefits from marijuana use. This could lead to having marijuana reclassified from a Schedule 1 drug down to a Schedule III drug in which case the government could not crack down on medical marijuana shops.

THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE CHANGED THE PAGE on (March 28, 2011)-- REMOVED THE PART ABOUT "direct anti-tumor effects"!

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