Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Collecting Romanov Old Pre-1920 Russian Gold Coins

 I recently bought a 5 ruble 1898 russian gold coin. I also have a 1899 10 ruble one. Ill add some pics later.

Serious collectors collect gold and silver coins from a multitude of countries and time periods. Some of the most popular coins in many investor portfolios are the pre-1920 Romanov Russian gold coins.

The ruling Romanov Dynasty which began in 1613 when Michael Romanov was named Tsar came to an end 304 years later when Nicholas II (shown right) abdicated under pressure to a provincial government as the Bolsheviks rose to power. Shy in his youth, Nicholas was never enamoured of his role as Grand Prince, once telling a foreign ambassador that he would have preferred to have been a sailor. Any pursuit of that interest was forever dashed when he (together with his wife and family of four daughters and young heir) was savagely murdered late one night by the Bolsheviks in 1917, little more than a year after stepping down from power.

These coins reflect a happier time when the Romanovs ruled over a vast territory and became one of the most powerful and wealthy dynasties the world has ever known. Nicholas, misguided by his mystical wife and the mad monk, Rasputin, was an autocrat who crushed all hope of democratic reform -- a circumstance which irrevocably alienated the Russian masses, contributed to his family's fate at the hands of the Bolsheviks, and led later to the even darker regimes of Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin.
The reverse of this 10 ruble coin features the device of the imperial coat of arms and seal of 'His Tsarist Majesty' -- a two-headed eagle (first introduced by Ivan the Terrible) with three crowns to representing Astrakhan, Kazan and Russia. Hanging over the eagle's breast is a shield on which a horseman is slaying a dragon.
Russian Imperial gold coins, available in years from 1897 to 1909, are considered to be a solid and safe investment. Whether gold coins were issued as rubles, multiples of rubles, or in older versions of gold called ducats, novodels or gold kopeks, the demand for Russian gold coin samples has always outweighed supply.
Pre-1912 era Russian gold coins are generally available in denominations of five rubles, 10 rubles, and 15 rubles. Some of the more favored pure Russian gold coins include but are not limited to:
Alexander III – Gold 10 Markkaa 1882
Nicholas II – Gold 20 Markkaa 1912
Nicholas II – five rubles 1897
Nicolas II – five rubles 1898
Nicolas II – five rubles, 1900
Measuring anywhere 18 mm with a .1244 gold content, the five rubles minted between 1895 to 1911 are not so easy to find any longer. Gold 150 denomination rubles measuring in at 29.5 mm, with a .5000 gold content, Russian coins are a solid investment of minimal expenditures for most collectors and investors.
Though more simplistic in design than many gold coins, Russian gold coins favoring busts of Nicholas II are favorites in a multitude of denominations.
Imperial Russian gold coins are a must-have for most collectors and investors interested in the history and legacy left by gold coin minting throughout the world. Owning pre-1920 old Russian gold coins are a great addition to any collection that will be treasured for years to come.


  1. very nice, I'd love to collect them too.

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  4. That gold coin looks like it's in mint condition, congratulations for the find.

  5. I also invest in gold coins since they are very profitable. Thanks.

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  8. That gold coin looks like it's in wonderful condition, I would like to have it on my collection and I bet this is a very expensive one. History is tied with the coin.


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