Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Why Ron Paul?

My favorite part is when he says “inflation has been stable at 2% for many years.”
Well, I got news for you.  In the last 5 years….
Oil up 70%
Gold up 140%
Silver up 284%
Palladium up 192%
Copper up 114%
Platinum up 85%
Cattle up 26%
Lean Hogs up 40%
Corn up 244%
Oats up 99%
Rice up 75%
Soybeans up 131%
Wheat up 153%
Cocoa up 144%
Cotton up 263%
Orange Juice up 47%
Coffee up 123%
Lumber down 19% – I know, had to be fair, housing collapse reduced demand big time.
Sugar up 153%
Many of these had a wild up and down over the last 5 years peaking in mid 2008 and then crashing hard but some have cleared the record highs of 2008 i.e. Sugar, Coffee, Cotton, Cocoa, Cattle, Gold, Silver, Copper, Palladium.
And some more that are harder to measure
Health Insurance Up big – at least 100% maybe more
College Up huge – at least 50% maybe more
Property Tax Up huge – at least 50% maybe more
Good trading!


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