Wednesday, 16 January 2013

They Want To Take Away Your Guns

The government will NOT take your gun away from you, or anyone else. They will not recall guns that have been bought. If they do create this ban, you will have hand guns to protect yourself. You don't need a gun to have your right to bear arms, you can do that with a freaking knife. They are NOT taking your rights away, there is a difference between completely taking the right away and putting restrictions on it.
Alex Jones was recently featured on a show in which he appeared to be somewhat mentally unstable as he argued against any government restrictions on gun ownership. And he has been far crazier in talking about the elves that control everything on Earth. Should his apparent mental issues be a reason for the government to take away his guns?

The problem with the majority of Liberals on the internet:

1) Posting stupid shit like a rabid moonbat while completely lost on the hypocrisy w/gun-owner's names/addresses being published 2) Laughs about Rasmussen's rating of the Tea Party at 8%, too stupid to know that 8% is higher than the approval rating of Congress overall 3) Wrongly states debt figures under Reagan (s/b $997B to $2.7T) then hilariously uses to defend Obama's ($10.6T to $16.4T) w/$1T deficits 4 yrs straight

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