Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Christopher Dorner is found dead in the cabin

Christopher Dorner was found dead inside the cabin his body was burned.

chris dorner sympathizers say the following
``Father in heaven, may the soul of Chris Dorner rest in peace. He was a man who could not stand injustice. He went to serve our country in a war for profit, came home, then wanted to serve this nation again, by becoming a police officer. He seen how much of his soul that would cost, and struggled with that price. Though he wanted to become a cop, he could not wrap his head around "becoming a cop" under a corrupt system, where he was expected to lie, to cover crime, under the guise of the thin blue line. So he set his mind to exposing the corruption he found, in the only way a small man could obtain a voice in the government controlled media. He gave his life trying to get the country to listen to the truth, he died for it. Father, you promise to judge each man , and the secret things in his heart, by the gospel of Christ. I ask this for Chris Dorner Lord. In Jesus Name, Amen.``

you have to second guess everything nowadays... even the second guessers

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